Saturday, June 9, 2012

Healthy Birthday Party

This year for my 7th birthday my mom and dad decided instead of having the usual pizza and cake party at the nearby CEC, we would have a Build A Bear party. At Build A Bear my friends and I were so busy picking out outfits for our new bear friends we were not even thinking about food.

Since every party needs goodie bags, my mom came up with the idea of healthy cupcakes and water bottles for all my friends. She did such a good job of making the packages cute my friends didn't even realize that the cupcakes inside were good for them! I will share the recipe for my Pinktastic cupcakes in another post, stay tuned!

To make the cupcake goodie bags she used a small solo cup inside a goodie bag and tied it with a tulle bow. She also make the sticker for the front in Photoshop, cut it out with a 2.75" round punch and ran it through her Xyron machine to make it into a sticker.

To make the water bottle stickers she just measured the label that came with the bottle and made a new one in Photoshop and attached it with Glue Dots.

These would be great for a birthday party at a park also!

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